We made it to another Monday morning, Clutchettes, and while some of you may be dreading yet another workweek, others are ready to tackle this new week with a vengeance. As I promised last Monday, at the beginning of every week I’m going to pop in with a few ideas that will help to give you a quick jumpstart to your week.

If you’re worried you have to go all five, you don’t. These are just a few ideas that will help to entertain, inspire, invigorate, or just plain make you smile.

So…what should you try this week?

Get off: Let’s face it ladies, orgasms feel great. What better way to give your week a quick jolt than having the big O? Whether your boo’ed up or happily single, an orgasm can definitely be had.  And while one is GREAT, two (or more) is even better. Not in a relationship? Don’t be afraid to DIY!

Create something: Are you crafty? Have you been putting off that vision board? Do you want to redecorate your space? Make something! Whether you whip out your glue gun and make a new headboard or get lost in a stack of magazines and make a collage, flex those creative muscles. Even if you don’t make something that’s frame-worthy you’ll be proud of what you just created.

Meditate: Do you find it hard to relax? Is your mind constantly racing? Do you have a hard time staying focused? You might want to start meditating and getting your inner-woman in check. Meditation not only helps you feel more peaceful, centered, and grounded, but according to a new study it might also be good for your heart. Win-win!

Do something crazy: Sky dive, take surfing lessons, go rock climbing, ride a horse, ask the cutie you’ve been scoping on for the past week out to lunch. Do something out of character and enjoy the rush you get from breaking out of your box.

Go out alone: Eating a meal by yourself might seem like a scary proposition for some, but we are women of the world, Clutchettes! We are confident, cool, and damn good company, so this week why not try to go to a restaurant or café you love and enjoy a meal for one. Leave the iPhones, books, or other distractions at home. This meal is just about you!

What’s on you to-do list for the week, Clutchettes? 

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