It can be hard to come up with new ways to wear eyeliner. The options are usually upper lash line, lash line, or below the lash line but there’s a new look that’s been seen on runways that’s really different but sort of hot: disconnected eyeliner.

Just like it sounds, this look means you apply liner away from the usually marking areas of your lash lines. Not only will this make you stand out overall as a makeup trendsetter, it also makes your eyes pop more. Since this is a new look. everyone most likely needs a primer on how to pull this off. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Use a pencil or a liquid liner, you want a strong defining line that will best be achieved with these tools as opposed to using powder.
  2. Draw a line just slightly above the spot where you’d normally apply your liner on your upper lid and using either short strokes, or one controlled line, stretch the mark all the way from the inner corner of your eye to the outer, ending in a small cat eye or winged tip.
  3. Underneath the lower lash line, draw a similar line, though it shouldn’t be as far from your lash line as the one on your upper lid. At the outer corner draw another winged tip to match the one on the upper lash line but don’t let them connect.
  4. Another option is to draw another line on the upper lid right over the brown bone. This is a much bolder look but it opens your eye even more.

Check out the D-I-Y video below.

Would you try this look?

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  • Bronze

    I’ll probably wear this look until I die. I LOVE IT! If you have the right can rock this look so many ways. I don’t know why I didn’t follow this look when Amy Winehouse brought it back. Maybe it was the beehive hairdo that threw me off. Anyways…I love winged eye-liner remix.

  • Jasmine

    When I first read this I was some what skeptical but the video really made it look cute and I may have to try it.

  • Tia

    super cute !! I will definitely try it…

  • Love the DIY definitely I will give this a try right away. Reminds me of an ancient Egyptian look.