Cornell “Corey” Jackson, 29, and Marquet Dorsey, 24, stand accused of dressing in drag to steal more than $7,000 worth of merchandise across Southern California.

Among the duo’s more than 40 illegal transactions, Jackson is accused of purchasing $1,172 worth of sunglasses from Trendy Sunglasses using a prepaid Visa card with a zero balance, claims Manhattan Beach Police.

KTLA reports:

When the card was declined, Dorsey then allegedly called the store pretending to be Visa and gave a false authorization code to convince the clerk to authorize the sale.

Trendy Sunglasses contacted police because they thought something was fishy.

Manhattan Beach police arrested Jackson and Dorsey on June 5 after searching Jackson’s residence in Lakewood.

Jackson and Dorsey appear to be wearing makeup in their booking photos.

Police say their other scams include using a fake credit account and driver’s license to buy a $15,000 Infiniti SUV from a car dealership in Fontana.

Dressing in drag seems to be the current trend among thieves. As previously reported by Newsone.com, Donald R. Sherman claimed to have a bomb when he attempted to rob a bank in Illinois disguised as a woman — rocking an Obama hat no less. Then there was the case of Thomas Parkin, who, for 6 years, went to a bank dressed as his dead mother to cash her social security checks.

Six felony counts have been filed against Jackson and seven have been filed against Dorsey.


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