For the past few weeks I have been feeling a little off. I’ve been all up in my feelings, reflecting on my life and love, and have been in a bit of a funk. In the middle of yet another emo weekend, I realized it didn’t make sense. My professional life is going well, my friends and family are supportive, and my money—interestingly enough—hasn’t been funny for a while. From the outside, things seem to be clicking on all cylinders, but still…something was off.

Yesterday, a friend expressed the same thing. She was unusually sensitive and emotional. And despite things in her life going well, she just didn’t feel particularly happy about it all of a sudden. Instead of blaming her mood on Aunt Flo, she mentioned that Venus was in retrograde and after I Googled what exactly that meant, it made sense.

In short, Venus in Retrograde is said to affect our relationships and money. The Huffington Post explains:

When Venus goes retrograde, we tend to reassess matters of the heart and finance. It’s a great time to evaluate whether you are conducting relationships in a way that really works for you. It’s also a good time to review what you have recently done, thought and felt about others — including those closest to you. And, others might be doing the same about you.

As a Gemini I was pretty familiar with the effects of Mercury in retrograde, but Venus was a different animal. Apparently Venus in retrograde affects Geminis the most, and takes a toll on Sagittarians, Virgos and Pisces as well. But it’s not all bad. While Venus in retrograde may have had me feeling a bit sensitive, it’s also a great time to reflect on what is and what isn’t working in my life.

While I’m not a stickler for astrology, I do pay attention to it and have noticed that when things change, shift, or go into retrograde, my mood changes as well.

How about you? Have you been feeling “some type of way” lately? Do you follow astrology?

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