YouTube leveled the playing field and gave everyone a platform to speak his or her mind. While some folks have taken to the site to spew ignorance, others have used YouTube to share tips, tricks, and information to improve other people’s lives.

Recently, someone shared a video by Shanel Cooper-Sykes, a self-proclaimed woman’s woman, that talks about 25 habits all women should have. From tips on the value of listening rather than speaking to the virtues of cleanliness, Sykes says that all women should carry themselves in a way that not only demands respect, but also reflects a positive outlook on life.

While I thought her tips fell on the side of common sense and could be applicable to both men and women, it was refreshing to watch another black woman attempting to empower women instead of tearing them down.

Check out Part 1 of her series on the  ’25 Women Habits’ and let us know what you think!

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  • Laina

    I think she makes some valid points although I do not agree with the last comment. There is something to be said about listening. There are some people that just talk too much. Generally, they are talking about themselves. At a certain point, they just need to stop. There is not that much talking in the world. I like the part about chosing your attitude. It is a skill to maintain a good attitude and not let the actions of others impact how you feel. As far as personal hygiene, I agree with everything she said. I truly dislike crowded public bathrooms where I have to use the toilet right after someone else. I do everything possible to avoid that situation. I have never understood why some women do not realize they have an odor. I know the habits are for women but men need to realize they need to shower on a regular basis also.

  • NTG

    What’s a “screwball effect”?

  • Love this woman !