• You know Conseco is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Someone who when he was doing well, cheated on his wife severally, and now wants to move in with her, no strings attached…mmmhmmm, riiiiiight.
    Oh and I agree, this beats Basketball wives (or rather, girlfriends) a hundred times over.

    • that Consecoo is such a MEAT-HEAD, absolutely no brains. At the club he was making disparaging remarks about her dress, and she did NOTHING. I would have pulled him to the side, and given him an earful that would have left him thinking twice about ever asking to move in with me again!

  • paloma

    I’m so over these shows about rich people.

  • Joan

    I like Nicole Murphy. She seems very sweet. She does not need all of that makeup; she’s a gorgeous lady with such a beautiful smile. R. Kelly’s ex is funny. The blonde seems kind of trashy and lost. Will Smith’s ex seems kind of phoney and Prince’s ex seems kind of bitter under the surface.

    • really?

      So because she is beautiful she does not need make-up????? I hope u don’t mentor little girls. Let the madness stop w/u please.

  • ms_micia

    So where was the advertising and heavy hype around this show. I heard it mentioned maybe…once? And I’m enjoying thoroughly. Hope it gets the attention it deserves so that it doesn’t dissapear! As good as Real Housewives of Atlanta when they first began. Nice!

  • I don’t know about this generation either. I preferred Real Housewives to tell you the truth. Oh, well. Just like anything I should give it a chance.