• Chanda

    I am guilty of watching the the original Love and Hip Hop, but they could have kept this scripted mess. I’m still sitting with my jaw on the ground at the blatant disrespect that Stevie J showcased toward Mimi. I was hoping that she hit him at least one good time. And to have been putting up with his mess for 15 years is crazy. I really hope she has moved on by now. On another note, it seems to me as if they are trying to re-create characters from the previous Love and Hip Hop, and I hope Stevie J and Mimi are not supposed to be Chrissy and Jim Jones lol.

    • Mw

      From the little I saw they seem a whole lot more like Dab and Emily. If kimbella were a lead I might have even thrown her in for the character representation.

  • this is complete garbage. as a young African American woman i weep for the fact that they think this is ok.its pathetic.you want to know why white people,and other cultures dont respect us THIS IS WHY. this is what they see on tv, this is how they view us.and we are ok with it because we but it on tv.this is nothing but trash.and i feel sorry for anybody who is ok with this shit being on tv.because thats all it is