Leela James can sing. Matter of fact, she can saaaaaang. At just 29 years old, the Los Angeles native’s music has been described as a throwback to a bygone era of old school soul. Amid a sea of auto-tuned, polished, mixed down singers, James’ voice is raw, real, and demands your attention.

Although she’s worked with everyone from Kanye West to BB King, James’ latest album pays homage to her favorite artist, Etta James.

This summer, Leela will release In The Spirit of Etta James, her offering to the late blues icon known for giving her all to the music. Leela’s music is in the tradition of Etta James and she was even compared to the legendary singer as a child.

Speaking about her idol, Leela explained what drew her into to James’ music, “I think Etta James sang from real pain, which truly made the blues and soul of her music special. Very few artists are able to convey that sincere pain in their music.”

Full of emotion, strength and undeniable soul, Leela James’ voice and her lyrics remind us that real singers are still here and soul music is alive and kicking.

Check out the first single from Leela James’ latest album, ‘In the Spirit of Etta James.’  

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