If you haven’t been keeping up, the folks over at Black & Sexy TV have been churning out quality web shows for the past few months. With comedic vignettes like “Hang Up!” and shows like “The Number” and “The Couple,” Dennis Dortch and his team are determined to give viewers good shows featuring interesting black characters.

“The Number,” which also features our favorite Awkward Black Girl Issa Rae, follows a couple after they’ve shared their sexual “number.” While Melissa isn’t moved by her fiancé’s sexual history, Jason has a problem that his wife-to-be is more experienced. Add to the mix Jason’s overbearing sister (Issa Rae) who hates Melissa, and tension and hilarity ensue.

When we last left off, Melissa and Lisa finally got into it, and now Jason has to decide between his sister and his boo.

What’s it going to be? Watch to find out.

Bonus: Check out the season finale of “The Number.”

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  • wow……poor Lisa :*(

  • Candy 1

    Ew, so does that mean he has been carrying chlamydia around from some other woman? Or did his fiance pass it to him and then get it cleared up before they tested together? Or did one of hem cheat?

  • steve

    the acting and story is better than awb

  • BeNiceOrQuiet

    She’s too calm about this. I bet she had it and then had it cleared up before the appointment. She seems really sneaky.

  • I seriously died of laughter at the results. The facial expressions SLAY me! Cant wait till the fall.