June is Black Music Month, a time when some honor soul, funk, R&B, hip-hop, jazz and any other genre that is influenced by black folks. But when it comes to the arts, and specifically music, can one race really be associated with a certain genre?

While many would consider hip-hop and R&B to be distinctively “black” music, its largest consumers are white. Conversely, some think of rock and roll as “white” music despite its foundations being very much rooted in black culture.

Like with a lot of things in life, people look to categorize things in order to make sense of it, but should music fall into this narrow trap?

Recently, a video by OTHER, Pharrell Williams’ YouTube network, challenged this idea. In the video, the host took to the streets of Brooklyn to figure out is music actually had a color by asking people to share their musical tastes and to define what makes music black or white. What he found was interesting.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

Is there really such a thing as “black” or “white” music? You tell us!

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  • Arcy

    I played in a post-punk band for 5 years. One of my friends (who is Asian) was also in our band, and the drummer of our band is white. Is post-punk black people music? Is it Asian music? Is it white music? Yes, yes, and YES because we are all of those things and we enjoy playing/listening to that type of music, among other genres.

  • S.


    You ain’t said nuttin but the truf!!!

    Ain’t nothing worst than people being politically correct about the REALITIES of music and it’s origin

    I will side-eye anyone who tells me “there’s no such thing as Black music”. That’s like cursing the Black American experience. Our history (and arguably our fate) is so intertwined with the music we’ve produced over our existence, particularly here in America.

    Let’s not gloss over that big Black elephant in the room. Clearly the majority of music that has been embraced GLOBALLY has been from the experience of the African diaspora. SHAME to any person, Black or White, that calls music generated by (primarily) Black peoples “not Black music”… UGH

  • Grant

    I feel like music wants to be Blake… Every time I hear a new artist of any race they stay sampling, emulating or mimicking our shit! Which isn’t all bad I fuck wit my white folks wit pipes, Amy Winehouse RIP, Adele, Sam Sparro, Kimbra and feel free to add… But they all want a piece of us, never want to be us.

  • Grant

    But it shows how our culture is at the roots of humanity.

  • apple

    I listen except country . I just can’t get with it! Shania Twain kinda swayed me but not enough to like it. Anyways right now my music is dark rock music and trip hop to reflect my current situation .