Oh, you thought we were too grown for bar fights? Apparently not. The ‘net is still abuzz with details surrounding the apparent brawl between Drizzy and Breezy’s crews which left the Turn Up The Music singer with a nasty gash in his chin.

While some are claiming the Drake/CB beef stems from both singers’ dealings with Rihanna, because, you know…everything is about Rihanna, others struggled to make sense of the chaotic scene.

But here’s the deets so far:

According to theYBF, Chris Brown was parting at W.I.P. in downtown Manhattan with other A-listers like Ne-Yo and Mary J. Blige, when he sent a bottle to Drake and his crew of Maybach associates Wale and Meek Mill. Apparently, sending another man a bottle is some sort of diss and words, and eventually, and bottles upside the head were later exchanged.

Here are Breezy’s tweets:

Party Promoter Jessica Rosenblum accused Meek Mill of starting the fight, which left the club in shambles. She angrily tweeted (and later deleted): “Really??? FU Meek Mills – u know how many f-cking years we worked to have fly hip hop sh-t in downtown NYC? GTFO if u don’t know how 2 hang.”

Meek Mills responded “It wasn’t me…” But the damage had clearly been done.

While it remains unclear what actually led to the fight, the whole scene seems to be utterly ridiculous. Two grown men who are international superstars at the top of their game should not be beefing, let along fighting in a nightclub. But apparently Drizzy and Breezy wanted to relive some sort of hood fantasy and mix it up in public.

The only saving grace? Aside from some bruised egos and a gash to the face, nobody seems to have been seriously hurt. This time.

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