Well, this is something that we don’t see everyday.

Jeffrey Warren, a 17-year-old, white high school student, returned a scholarship awarded to him by the Martin Luther King Senior Citizens Club because it was intended for black students. According to the Huffington Post, the crowd laughed when he walked across the stage to accept the award.

Allegedly, the language in the application “encouraged” black students to apply, but it did not state specifically that only black students “need only” apply for the $1,000 scholarship.

“I knew they were trying to do a good deed for the African-American community,” Warren told KABC-TV. “I had no trouble giving it back to them at all.”

Warren who holds a 4.25 GPA, was awarded three other scholarships and plans to attend San Diego State University, reports CBS Local.

The two African American students who were eventually awarded the scholarship will be attending Cornell University an Xavier University. And though the MLK Senior Citizens Club are proud of that fact, there was some debate over whether or not the group should accept the return of the funds, said chairperson Etta Brown.

“They were kind of surprised,” said Warren. “They announced it was for an African American.”

There has been much debate over the necessity of “race-based” scholarships. The Former Majority Association for Equality spread the myth that white males received less scholarship funds, a fact that was quickly debunked. That still did not stop them from trying to level the playing field, according to FMAE president Colby Bahannan.

“It just so happens that those few people out there who have money laying around, they are truly the minority,” he told CNN. “The majority is that people can’t really afford college. People are working 40 hours a week, 50 hours a week, going to school full time and still having to borrow money.”

Weigh in Clutchettes: Do you think there is still a need for “race-based” scholarships, or is it all about economic class status?

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