It’s time to shave and oil up those legs because pants are officially retired and shorts are in.

Shorts is pretty much a blanket term for any pant that’s falling at or above the knee but these days there are so many to choose from that you could probably go weeks without repeating a pair. If you’re just trying to get in the short game and keep it simple, though, there are about five essential styles you should have to get you through the week and whatever occasions come your way. Check out the styles we recommend you add to your summer wardrobe.


These can be cutoffs, rolled up, knee-length, or whatever you please, the point is they need to be a jean material. The summer just isn’t complete without a pair of jean shorts in a classic dark or light-blue wash.

Bermuda Shorts

These are another summer staple and absolutely necessary for the beach. Bermudas are cute because they’re sort of like a short out of your man’s closet and they keep you cool without feeling like you’re showing to much skin. Pair these with a tank and sandals and you’re good to go.

Athletic Shorts

Yes, we’re all about being cute and fit so ditch the long sweats you’ve been wearing for your workouts and get a pair of athletic shorts, especially if you’re going to exercise in the great outdoors. The breathable fabric will keep you cool and show off those legs you’ve worked hard to shape.


We’re not talking your grandmother’s summer shorts. Culottes have seen a revival and they’re really a cute type of short that you can dress up or down. Their flowy material makes them look almost like a skirt but no one will be able to see up these because they’re actually shorts.


This is another option you want to have for dressing up. Depending on how casual your workplace is, you could probably get away with these in the office, if they’re paired with a dressy shirt and an appropriate work shoe. Mid-length shorts are essentially as long as any skirt you’d wear so swap these out for night-time events to switch up your look a bit.

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