In today’s weird and random news, a dating site that matches women with “sugar daddies” recently conducted a non-scientific study among 20,000 of its members to find out with whom they’d rather be paired: President Obama or Mitt Romney. SeekingArrangement.com, which describes itself as “the #1 Sugar Daddy Dating & Sugar Baby Personals” and “the elite sugar daddy dating site for those seeking ‘mutually beneficial relationships’,” surveyed over 30,000 women and categorized them by state. Not surprisingly, Obama edged out Romney by 22 percent. (In total, 34% preferred Obama and 12% favored Romney.) But the highest percentage of all surveyed decided that neither man would be an ideal sugar daddy, at nearly 43 percent.

The site’s CEO Brandon Wade explained the poll’s results thusly:

While many unfairly stereotype Sugar Babies as gold-diggers who would gladly accept any wealthy man as their Sugar Daddy, our survey shows the contrary.

Interesting takeaway, sir. Of course it’s in Wade’s best business interest to spin these highly informal “findings” as proof debunking the idea that his clients are indiscriminate golddiggers. But just how much highly selective criteria is there for women who’d join a dating site that promises to pair them with older, affluent men willing to financially support them?

In case you like some Washington politics with your surveying of “mutually beneficial relationships,” here are a few other interesting tidbits the site’s survey unearthed:

SeekingArrangement also broke its data down by state, and showed Obama leading in key swing states — he led Romney 38.3% to 9.5% in Pennsylvania, 31.5% to 12.0% in Florida, and 29.8% to 10.6% in Ohio. In Massachusetts, where Romney was governor, the margin was smaller — there Obama led just 32.8% to 20.2%. 

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