When I first heard Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff were remaking their classic hit ‘Summertime,’ I immediately wondered why anyone would want to do that.

Calling Summertime’ a classic is an understatement. The 1991 song is an anthem, an institution at picnics and jeeps and cookouts and parties from Memorial Day through the last few moments of summer. So, when I heard it was getting reworked I was a little upset.

Then I heard the clip, and read that DJ Jazzy Jeff was working on a mixtape that remade classic tunes and I started to feel more comfortable. Had a lesser audiophile taken on such a project, I would cry foul, but in Jeff’s hands? I’m sure it’ll be another masterpiece.

Thinking about the “Summertime” remix got me to thinking about the good ol’ days when artists actually put out multiple B-side remixes for their songs, instead of adding a rapper and calling it new. As a ‘80s baby, most of my remix memories are of the 90s, when Puffy, Jodeci, Mint Condition, and many others used to regularly flip their songs, beats, and sometimes even lyrics to create whole new creations.

Some of my favs? LL and Total’s ‘Loungin’ remix, A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Scenario,’ Jodeci’s ‘Whatever You Want, and too many others to count.

But how about you? What remixes do you love…some even more than the original?  

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