“Acceptance is what we wish for ourselves and often deny others”.–Susan Taylor

What is one thing we all want? To be loved, unconditionally, no matter what. But what do we do? Judge, criticize, and and force others into the same constricting boxes we long to break out of ourselves. Why? Why are we so wanting of acceptance, but continue to deny others of what we all crave?

I think I get it. Accepting others unconditionally means we also have to take stock of how we accept our self. Often times we are our own worst critics. While we will most certainly clapback if someone speaks to us foul, we sometimes say the most negative things imaginable to our self.

Kill that noise.

From this moment on, accept yourself–flaws and all–and what you’ll realize is that you won’t have the time (or desire) to judge others.Think about it.

Happy Wednesday! 

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