“The galleries are full of critics. They play no ball, they fight no fights. They make no mistakes because they attempt nothing. Down in the arena are the doers. They make mistakes because they try many things. The man who makes no mistakes lacks boldness and the spirit of adventure. He is the one who never tries anything. His is the brake on the wheel of progress. And yet it cannot be truly said he makes no mistakes, because his biggest mistake is the very fact that he tries nothing, does nothing, except criticize those who do things.” — Gen. David M. Shoup

You know it and I know it: There will always be critics. There will always be those people who can’t wait until we mess up to say, “I told you so … you shouldn’t have tried that!” But you know what? Those people are wrong.

Nothing great was ever created from sitting on the sidelines hoping not to make mistakes. No, greatness has been attained by being willing to experiment, take risks, and yes, make mistakes.

Mistakes are the scars of living. The key is not only being open to making mistakes, but it’s also about being adamant about learning from them.

So, Clutchettes, get out there. Live, learn, and be great.

Happy Thursday!  

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