I talk a lot about pursuing your dreams and following your passion. It’s something that I believe in strongly. It’s the focus of my personal site, and the ebook I’ve just written gives folks tips and tricks on how to reach their goals. At the risk of sounding all new agey. I believe that whatever we really want (and work super hard to get), we can have.

And I’m not the only one. I recently came across Randy Pausch’s amazing lecture about remembering your childhood dreams and living an amazing life, and I must say, it was inspiring. You see, Randy Pausch gave the lecture while he was battling cancer, and in case he didn’t beat the disease, he wanted to leave his children with a lesson: live right and follow your dreams.

As we move into the weekend, I’m reminding you again, Clutchettes that we can have whatever we want. I truly believe it. And I hope you do too.

Check out a shortened version of Pausch’s lecture or watch the entire hour-long version here.


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