Summer’s here, which means it’s time to think about styles that let you go from poolside to date night without much hassle, and also protect your hair from frizz-inducing humidity and sweat. Braids have always been the go-to style for this season because of their low maintenance and protective qualities, and luckily we’ve moved beyond micros with new braided styles that offer more versatility and definitely “up” the cute factor. Check out these three styles we recommend.

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  • Trinasobad

    Beware of the “tree braids”. Because more of your hair is left out you are more likely to end up with jacked up ends when you take them out. Personally I’m strongly considering box braids.

  • ayomidejpw

    i am considering box braids or if i make my way to NYC soon I want havana braids

  • hehe

    I can see myself doing a fishtail braid but no to the rest. A couple of years ago I was all about braids as a protective style, now because of the length of my hair I can’t fathom spending hours on putting them in and a day to take them out. Plus braids were never that protective to my hair to begin with.

  • I really want to revisit my 4th grade box braids this summer, but I HATE having to sit there while they do them, and taking them out is an even bigger pain.

  • Jaslene

    Senegalese twist are amazing and I love kinky twist.