It’s no secret that we love a good web series here at CLUTCH. But while we’ve spent hours cracking up to the antics of Issa Rae and her hit show Awkward Black Girl or shaking our heads at the ignorance Racey of The Unwritten Rules puts up with at work, we’ve only barely checked in with our cousins from across the pond.

Because black folks and our creativity doesn’t end at America’s shores (it’s not even the beginning), I decided to share three of my favorite web series coming straight out of the UK.

Shall we begin?

Brothers With No Game

OK, so I really like these dudes. Their blog is hilarious, and thankfully, they’re good people, too. The Brothers With No Game web series is a spin-off from their popular website, which takes a look at dating, relationships, and hooking up from a man’s perspective. Don’t worry, there’s no Steve Harvey-esque advice here, just honesty, humor, and a bit of sly wit! Check out episode two of their new web series and donate to their Indiegogo campaign to help them fund more episodes.

*Up next…SPIN

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  • Racial Rachel

    The guys with no game was great. I had high hopes for the family comedy, but I needed more than introductions as a first episode. And who asks for donations 1 mediocre episode in? Like if I’m invested after 3-5 episodes then maybe I’ll support the continuation. I wish them the best and look forward to seeing where things go, but it’s too soon for me to invest my time or money.

  • Interesting material, I am pleased to see the creations of the new generation of British producers, they are really thinking outside the box and coming up with very creative proposal. Have you trying submitting your series to sites like blip.com ? The challenge is always finding ways to promote and fund the productions.