Almost as soon as word spread about Tameka Raymond’s 11-year-old son’s tragic jet-ski accident, folks began to wonder if her son’s horrific crash was a result of bad karma. Throughout the weekend I spotted Facebook statuses and tweets warning folks not to treat others too harshly, lest karma come a knocking and do you like it did Tameka, ripping out her heart and taking her child with it.

Then the headlines began pouring out about Usher. For the past few days most of the articles written about Kile’s accident have been about how the singer rushed to Tameka’s side as his stepson fought for his life. Several blurbs, a mountain of tweets, and a gaggle of Facebook posts later, Usher has been hailed as the model parent, friend, and supporter while Tameka has been all but forgotten, or worse, gossiped about.

As soon as I spotted the first headline wondering how Usher is dealing with his stepson’s accident, my mind immediately went to Tameka. I can’t imagine losing a child in such a horrible way, never mind having to deal with the media (bloggers and twitterers alike) either blaming you for his predicament or forgetting you’re in pain, too.

And apparently I wasn’t the only one who peeped the inopportune Tameka Raymond slander. Writer Demetria Lucas asked the same question, wondering “Where Is the Support for Tameka Raymond?”

Lucas writes:

I don’t get it. I know she’s not black America’s favorite person; she’s about as likable as Robin Givens circa her divorce from Mike Tyson. Tameka’s marriage to Usher never really went over that well with his fans. Despite him being a grown-behind man capable of making his own choices, she was made out to be an evil cougar-woman taking advantage of him. Let Tameka tell it, the hate was because she’s a brown-skinned lady. But the more popular reasons were rumors that she seduced Usher and broke up her own marriage to be with him. Oh, and she disrupted the relationship between Usher and his mother, perhaps the worst offense. When their marriage dissolved — with so many rushing to say, “I told you so!” — the nasty, public divorce and custody battle only made her more loathed. But none of this should have anything to do with whether Tameka should be offered sympathy under the current circumstances.

I agree. No matter how we may feel about a person, when they experience such a heart-wrenching loss, going in during their time of grief seems like the least human thing in the world to do.

While folks may or may not like Tameka Raymond for what she allegedly “did” to Usher, none of that matters when it comes time to cut her a little slack and allow her to grieve in peace. Karma works both ways, you know. And I can’t imagine that kicking someone when they’re down does anything good for one’s cosmic energy.

Just saying.

Why do you think people have been so hard on Tameka Raymond during this tough time?

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  • BrokenHeart

    Applying the word karma to this situation is disgusting and heartless. Karma implies that something was deserved. No one deserves the death of their child. The (eventual?) loss of her child is a very sad irony and that is all this is. I can only pray that God can help them to band together after this and end all the bickering and court battles so she can enjoy her other children instead of fighting over time.

  • EssDot323

    I feel badly for Tameka.

    I haven’t seen any negative comments directed at Tameka but it wouldn’t surprise me if “karma” came up either. Many of Usher’s fans went batshit crazy when he married her. Celebrity worship is a serious illness if you think that Tameka had it coming to her *SMH*

  • I couldn’t imagine what she’s going through. No mother deserves that kind of pain. I hope whatever decisions she has to make from here on aren’t too difficult. That’s an awful position to be in-having to take someone off life support. God Bless her!