Curvy. Thick. Brick house. Bootylicious. Voluptuous. Phat. These are some of the words commonly used to describe black women’s bodies, but rarely do we hear about black folks’ complicated relationship with food.

While our community suffers from alarming obesity rates (as do most Americans), most people incorrectly assume black folks don’t have eating disorders.

The problem? Eating disorders are typically seen in a few ways: anorexia and bulimia.

Rarely do we see emotional eating and chronic overeating as a disorder. We write off those who engage in such behaviors as lazy and undisciplined, but in order to help our community to tackle our food issues, perhaps when need to start looking at our views toward food a little differently.

Recently, the folks behind the terrific web series Black Folk Don’t tackled the issue of eating disorders in the black community. And while some of our sisters and brothers do indeed struggle with anorexia and bulimia, overeating and our unhealthy relationship with food hamper many more.

Take a look.

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  • I’d say that there are too many in the Black community who have an eating disorder of the Big Mac Attack kind. It’s also impacted by SES, lack of healthcare and physical activity, and lack of good health education. However, there are plenty of Black folks with the means, but not the will.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    where i live everybody has an eating disorder…….micky D is killing us

  • omfg

    my niece pretty much lets food control her. food runs her life. and it shows.

    it’s so very sad.

  • The Comment

    This is a start in the right direction. I see more obese blacks walking the track in groups and taking their health seriously. The advantage that we have today is that we are creating a discussion. Even if you disagree with the topic at least it is there for consideration.

  • Edith Clayter

    I am not sure it is a eating disorder with everyone near where I live in Philadelphia PA, if you don’t have a car you can’t get to the fresh fruits and vegetable at the supermarket.

    Yet we have on every corner Crown greasy hi caloric chicken, Popeye’s, The Rice Hut and all the the asians foods that is cheap quick and unhealthy.

    What I see is young single mothers trying to feed their chicken with no education on nutrition.the gentlemen is right it is killing us.