Yesterday while folks were enjoying their hamburgers, hot dogs, and fruit salad on Independence Day, comedian Chris Rock was busy angering some white folks with a little Fourth of July humor.

Rock always pushes the racial envelope and America’s birthday was no different. Instead of sending a mundane “Happy Fourth of July!” tweet, Rock had something else in store.

“Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks,” the comedian tweeted.

While his tweet made the rounds on the black Twitterverse, getting cyber daps from many, predictably, some white folks weren’t too happy with his joke.

MSNBC has a nice round up of Rock’s haters:

Jeff Schreiber, managing editor of libertarian-conservative blog America’s Right, tweeted “Slavery existed for 2000yrs before America. We eradicated it in 100yrs. We now have a black POTUS. ‪#Go (expletive) Yourself.” Schreiber later followed up with, “I’m not saying we’re blameless for that horrid practice, but for @chrisrock to indict the US as he did is inappropriate at best.”

While some chimed in and were offended by Rock’s “unpatriotic” comment, several people of color understood his stance.

On more than a few occasions I’ve had conversations with friends about whether or not it’s even right for black folks to celebrate America’s founding, which wouldn’t have happened at all if it weren’t for the free and forced labor of enslaved black folks.

Either way, in the span of 140 characters Chris Rock was able to both push buttons and cause folks to think twice about what it means to be American.

Do you feel ambivalent about celebrating the Fourth of July? 

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  • Ionlyspeaktruth

    So called “White” people are the only ethnicity whose “upset” causes a reaction and gets media attention. WHY IS IT WHEN SOMEONE SPEAKS ON SOME TRUTH! THEY HAVE TO APOLOGIZE!?! I’m tired of you sensitive/emotional behind closed door “racist”/”ethnicists”.. We need to stop tending to the feelings of these people.
    They receive too much attention, and have done nothing but ridden on the backs of the wicked deeds performed by their progenitors. How could you feel your “opinion”, your life, your thoughts, your emotions are more important than the rest of societies?
    THAT IS A VERY NARCISSISTIC IDEOLOGY. It’s not about your own personal feelings about the situation. It’s about the TRUTH.

  • Craig Bonnett

    Maybe it’s the elitism, that we as the rest of the world is tired of. You haven’t given anything, thou you believe you have. How is it you can give whe

  • Craig Bonnett

    When everything you have is stolen. Yes we

  • WhiteTroll #Squad

    i chuckled with this tweet, said it in a chris rock voice

  • Gregory A. James

    I don’t celebrate, just take the day off.