Raise your hand if you’re tired of seeing the same celebrity on the cover of magazines month after month. From Nia Long on the cover of Essence to Beyoncé everywhere, the newsstand displays the same few faces in rotation, and the result is uninspiring and dull.

And it’s clear magazines are trying their hardest to spark renewed interest in celebrity covers. Several glossies have featured celebrities in the buff to switch things up at the newsstands and have even taken to shooting them with their children and families for a more interesting shot.

Some critics ascertain that the answer is to go back to the original subject of magazine covers: models. There are so many upsides to featuring a model over a celebrity. They are trained to give a great photo and have a more business-like approach to photo shoots, as modeling is their main profession.

The problem is the magazine-buying public is so accustomed to buying an issue because of their favorite celebrity that some wonder: Will they be inclined to pick up a book with a relatively unknown, yet beautiful, model’s face on the cover?

What are your thoughts? Are you tired of seeing the same celeb faces? What’s the solution? Are models on magazine covers a good alternative? Do you even buy magazines at all? Discuss, Clutchettes.

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  • hmmmm

    who cares
    Folks act like their tired of celebrities
    but will dissect and analyse all their interviews
    and recite quotes

  • Karen

    I prefer a little of both celebs and models on the cover. I mean lets see a beautiful spectrum of black models (whether from the pass to now) and celebs. Notice on white publication they always have even DEAD celebs like Marylin Monroe(sp?) and she’s been dead like 30 or 40 something years. Its ridiculous.

    Mix it up Essence and Ebony etc.

  • MODELS definitely. That’s their job.

  • I buy plenty of mags, and seeing my favorite celeb on the cover most likely I will purchase it, but I love it when I can see Joan Smalls, Chanel-Iman or Jordan Dunn on a cover it thrills me. Most American mags lack fashion theirs too many articles. I mainly “look” at Japanese mags now. The fashion content is sick, so much too look at and inspire.

    • oops I meant :there’s” too many….

  • Moionfire

    Why not a mixture of both??