Well, well, well, so many news items, so little time. Let’s just get to getting ….

Rihanna CANCELS Madrid CONCERT, Heads Homes to Be With Mom After Grandmother’s DEATH – Prayers to Rihanna and her family. {theYBF}

Mindless Behavior Apologizes for Lauryn Hill Joke at the BET Awards – Welp. So much for that. The kid apologized and the folks over at BET stayed mum. Fair? {NecoleBitchie}

Officials, Stars, and Fans React to the Death of Andy Griffith – Andy Griffith, the man behind Mayberry and Matlock, died this morning at the age of 86. RIP. {CNN}

Serena Ousts Kvitova to Reach Semifinals at Wimbledon – Serena is holding the Williams sisters down at this year’s Wimbledon. Let’s hope she brings home another title! {USA Today}

FDA Clears First Over-the-Counter, Rapid Test for the Virus That Causes AIDS – Great news in the fight against HIV/AIDS: The FDA approved the first over-the-counter rapid HIV test, which will allow people to check their status at home. {Washington Post}

4G Service Reaches Africa Before Much of Europe – Africa is definitely on the rise, and so is its phone service. {theGrio}

Rohan Marley Postpones Marriage to Brazilian Model Isabeli Fontana – Well, so much for that. Apparently, the wedding is off. {theGrio}

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  • Oh miii gosh!! One can carry out an HIV test at home. Do you know how DANGEROUS that is from a psychological standpoint. What about counselling before testing. HIV is not just any other disease, it can lead to severe initial reactions, eg. suicide!!

    • Me

      I don’t think HIV is the “death sentence” it once was, and I have to believe more people are aware of that than before.

      I would also venture to say a large percentage of the people who aren’t ready to hear the diagnosis from a physician wouldn’t be ready to take the test at home either. I think this is an opportunity for the people who know they should get tested routinely, but find excuses not to make it to a clinic, to run to their local pharmacy and pick one up as casually as they would a pregnancy test, and consult a physician/call the hotline if necessary.

      Plus, from reading the article, if there was a danger to be concerned with, it most certainly has to be that of false negatives (the test is only 92% accurate in identifying HIV positive test subjects, compared to 99.9% accurate in identifying HIV negative test subjects), which means 1/12 people who take this test might forgo retesting 3-6 months later because of a false sense of security from a negative result.