It’s finally Friday! Whether you are still celebrating Independence Day or you’re just happy this weird workweek is over, I think we can all agree that we’re ready for the weekend. So, let’s not delay shall we?

Here’s a few things we didn’t cover today but thought you should know.

It’s National Kissing Day! 5 Health Benefits Of Smooching – Who knew? I think everything has a “day,” but hey…kissing is fun! On a related note, it’s also National Fried Chicken Day, so umm…get create and combine them both! {HuffPo}

George Zimmerman leaves jail after judge set second bond at $1 million – George Zimmerman just two-stepped his way out of jail…again. {ABC News}

Republican Horrified to Discover that Christianity is Not the Only Religion – Louisiana lawmaker Valarie Hodges believes in school vouchers…but only if you use them to go to Christian schools. If you’re Jewish, Hindu, or God forbid, a Muslim, you’re out of luck. {Jezebel}

The June jobs report in one word: ‘unchanged’ – The June numbers are in…and they aren’t any different. The economy added 80,000 jobs and the unemployment rate is still stuck at 8.2%, but for black folks, it’s still up around 15%. What will turn this around?  {Washington Post}

Mathew Knowles HINTS At Destiny’s Child REUNION + Serena Williams And Brandy STAR On “Drop Dead Diva” – So, will Kelly, Michelle, and Bey be getting back together soon? I doubt it, but we’ll see. On a side note, I LOVE ‘Drop Dead Diva!’ {theYBF}

Cain’s bizarre venture in web TV – I’m gonna need this guy to go away. {The Guardian}

Bonus: Lena Waithe, the funny lady behind the viral hit “Sh-t Black Girls Say,” is back with another clips from her “Two ____  In a Car series.” This time, she trains her lense on two black actresses…in a car! Check it.

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