It’s Monday, and despite giving it the old college try, we just can’t cover it all. So what did we miss today?

Usher’s family friend under investigation for jet ski accident that left singer’s stepson brain dead – Such a sad situation. Our prayers go out to Tameka, Kyle, and Usher! {NY Daily News}

Sitting less could extend your life – Sit all day at work? Considering moving around more of even standing while you work. It could add years to your life. {USA Today}

Good Christian Woman Beats Pastor in the Head with Bible – Wait, what? Apparently Ina Garrett of Selmer wasn’t happy with her pastor and wanted him OUT, whether he wanted to or not. So what did she do? Beat him over the head with her Bible, of course! {Jezebel}

Obama Campaign Raises $71 Million In June But Lags Behind Romney Camp – This election is going to be about one thing: Money. {HuffPo}

Wayne Brady: ‘I’ll Gladly Slap The Sh*t Out Of Bill Maher’ Over Obama Remark – Remember that Dave Chappelle skit when Wayne Brady was all gangster? Apparently, it wasn’t all a joke.  He had a few words for Bill Maher: “Just because you f*ck black hookers, just because you had that particular black experience… I have to stop myself to getting into it because I realize the thing is if I had gone on his show, or even doing it online, I’m not going to win. Because as soon as you back off, he still has his platform to say whatever he wants to.” Ouch. {HuffPo, Black Voices}

Senator Dick Durbin to Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr: ‘You have a responsibility to tell the public what’s going on’ – For the past few weeks, Rep. Jesse Jackson has been pretty mum about what’s been going on with his health. Although he said he took off for “exhaustion” the Chicago Dem recently took an extended absence but hasn’t given many details on what has him sitting on the sidelines. What gives, Jesse? {theGrio}

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