Busy, busy day around the web, folks…so let’s just jump on it!

Where In the World Is Jesse Jackson Jr.? – Rumors have been swirling around for weeks about Congressman Jackson’s sudden leave of absence, but according to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Rep. Jackson is in rehab in Arizona dealing with substance abuse issues. We wish him the best. {Gawker}

SpongeBob, Snooki, Jon Stewart go missing from DirecTV – Due to a financial dispute, several channels have gone missing from DirecTV.  And you know what? You never know how much you miss BET and its affiliates until it’s gone. And I’m gonna need DirecTV to fix this situation pronto! {Reuters}

US House votes to repeal Obama healthcare law, again – Like we didn’t see that one coming. {Reuters}

Obama’s half-brother becomes pawn in right wing game – Well, isn’t that awkward. {theGrio}

FAMU President James Ammons Resigns – FAMU’s President stepped down in light of the hazing rumors that left band member Robert Champion dead. Cleaning house? Let’s hope it works. {theRoot}

Ne-Yo Shares His Opinion On Frank Ocean Coming Out – While Ne-Yo doesn’t care what goes on in Frank Ocean’s bedroom, he’s tired of people’s speculating what’s happening in his own. Oh, and he’s tired of people calling him gay. {HNHH News}

Migrants die of thirst off N African coast – This is just tragic. Fifty-four people attempting to migrate from Libya to Italy died of thirst on their 15 day journey. {Al Jazeera}

Gladys Knight to Judge ‘Apollo Live’ – Oh, is ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ making a comeback? I guess we’ll see. {Essence}

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