Well folks, we’ve reached Wednesday, Hump Day. And although it’s been a little calmer in the news world this week, things are  still moving at break-neck speed. So here are a few things we didn’t cover today, but thought you should totally know.

Rapper Ms. Melodie of Boogie Down Productions dead – Sad news in the hip-hop world. Former Boogie Down Productions rapper and ex-wife of KRS-One, Ramona Parker (aka Ms Melodie), has apparently passed away. Our prayers are with Ms. Melodie and her family. {The Urban Daily}

Transvestite rapper Mykki Blanco’s new video invites us to the dark side – Well … this is interesting. {Jezebel}

Game calls off the wedding – That was fast. Just days after announcing they’d be chronicling their wedding on TV, rapper the Game and his longtime girlfriend (and mother of his children) said they were calling it quits. {Rhymes with Snitch}

Syria crisis: chaos in Damascus as Assad loyalists killed – as it happened – The situation in Syria is getting worse and worse. Last night a bomb, presumably set by rebels, killed the defense minister and other top defense aides, giving the anti-government forces hope they can overthrow Assad’s regime. {The Guardian}

McCain slams Bachmann over Muslim Brotherhood accusations – It’s about time a Republican publicly took Rep. Bachmann to task over her crazy rhetoric. {CBS News}

Physical inactivity causes 1 in 10 deaths worldwide, study says – More reasons for us to get outside and move around. Who wants to die? {CNN}

Juanita Bynum confesses ‘I’ve been with women’ – Welp. It looks like everyone is clearing all of the skeletons out of the closet. {theGrio}

Halle Berry injured on set, rushed to hospital – Let’s hope Halle’s OK! {theRoot}

Meek Mill apologizes for “Amen” on “106 & Park” + Nas plans “Bye Baby” video – Don’t really care about Meek Mill’s apology, but I’m super psyched about Nas making a video for “Bye Baby,” such an awesome track! {theYBF}


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  • Morning Rain

    Thank goodness that wedding was called off, because Game is a man-child.