There is absolutely no denying the strength of Grammy Award-winning songstress Jill Scott’s voice. The proud Philly native has given us 11 years of bona fide soul, touches of jazz, and classic rhythm and blues. But while she’s widely known for her sultry musicality, her ever-changing mane has become almost as famous as her killer vocals.

We were first introduced to Scott, she was rocking a chic, curly ’fro. Since then, we have seen her rock a monster Afro, sleek locs, relaxed curls, a stunning asymmetrical bob, and a sexy razor-sharp cut that literally took years off her already stunning appearance. Even celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephens seems to agree, “She shows the girls how to be beautiful with natural hair. She’s definitely one of the natural hair icons.”

Most recently, she became the latest celebrity to go for the Big Chop, again proving that she’s confident at any stage in the hair battle royale.

Tell us which hair style is your favorite on the singer.

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