Picture-8791After getting out of the shower one morning, I wiped the steam from the mirror and immediately felt annoyed by what I saw — the same old hairstyle. Since going natural, I wore the same hairstyle every day and the look had grown stale.

Don’t get me wrong; the decision to go from 12 inches of hair to a teeny Afro was easy. Letting go of the lye was liberating (pun intended). What I did not consider was until my hair grows a little more, I have to stick with a wash and go.

With this realization looming over me, I grudgingly finished getting ready and headed out the door to start my day. While enjoying my morning coffee I surfed the web for new hairstyle ideas. During my desperate search I came across a picture of Chilli. The former TLC member has had the same look for as long as I can remember. In fact, her baby hair is a part of beauty. Halfway through lunch I thought about Brandy and how she had the braid game on lock in the ’90s. And, of course, how could I forget how Aaliyah’s eye sweeping hairdo added to her mysterious yet sexy persona? Then it then dawned on me:

All these women have one thing in common — signature style.

“That’s it! I need to adopt a signature style,” I thought to myself. I made plans to stop by the beauty supply store to pick up “the new me” in the form of a bottle — Jazzing semi-permanent hair color in cherry cola.

I am pleased to say that I am now a ginger.  Since my hair isn’t long enough to even hold a braid, playing with color is my best bet. So I’m now red, hot, and loving it. I may not be able to do a lot with my style right now, but I’m making color my thing. Maybe I’ll try a blond streak next — who knows?! I just plan to try to have fun with what I got. I guess Project Runway’s Tim Gunn said it best,

“Make it work!”

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  • You and I are <<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>when it comes to styling. I’ve always wanted to color my hair, but I’m afraid it’s all going to fall down and leave me balding. In terms of styling, I don’t know how to, I just put it in a fro. I guess that could be my signature. Me no know.

  • Candy 1

    I have no signature hair style. I wear it up a lot, but I also braid it and twist it, and often wear it free. I figure as long as I have 4-6 styles in rotation, I’m good.

  • Katerina

    I feel you! I went natural in December of last year and couldn’t wait until my hair was long enough to get something done.

    I’ve had micros for a little over a month now and can’t wait to see how much my hair has grown when I take it down in August.

  • shadow

    It is def. a game of patience. I’m thankful for sites & mags. that offer so many styles at all different lengths on the natural hair journey.