As more details pour out from Aurora, Colorado, following the mass shooting during a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises,” many are asking if incidents like these will finally persuade lawmakers to take on the gun lobby and institute stronger weapons laws.

Early Friday morning, Colorado police allege 24-year-old James Holmes burst into an Aurora theater, dressed in all black and wearing a helmet and gas mask, and began firing on a crowd of moviegoers, killing 12, and wounding at least 58 more. According to police, Holmes, a local medical student, acted alone.

NBC News reports that the gunman had “two handguns made by Glock, a Remington 870 single-barrel shotgun, and a Smith and Wesson AR-15 assault-style rifle,” each of which allowed for large ammunition clips, giving Holmes the firepower to harm so many on his own.

As with previous mass shootings, I can’t help but wonder if politicians will finally take on the NRA (National Riffle Association) and enact tougher laws against assault-style weapons with large ammunition capacities. While I understand using weapons for hunting and self-defense, I don’t get the need to own guns legally that can shoot 40 or 50 bullets at a time.

Although tragic, this horrific shooting gives us another opportunity to reopen the conversation about what weapons should and should not be available for purchase.

What do you think? Should we take another look at banning assault-style weapons? Sound off! 

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