No network show before or since UPN/CW’s “Girlfriends” has been as instrumental in diversifying the way audiences viewed contemporary black women. If “Living Single” opened the door for new representations, urging America to realize our range of personal styles, shapes, sizes, and libidos, “Girlfriends” knocked that door off its hinges. It left few risqué topics unturned, from chlamydia and HIV to mental illness, emotional infidelity, and cross-cultural adoption.

Everyone could identify with one of primary characters in one way or another. But here’s your chance to find out which of the women most closely resembles you. Take the quiz to find out.

1. You’ve been seeing a new guy, but he only answers his phone between the hours of noon and 1 p.m. or 12 a.m. and 4 a.m. What do you do?
A. Pretend this isn’t a problem while spending every waking hour obsessing over it and asking friends for advice.
B. Recognize the behavior for what it is: a married man booty-call tactic.
C. “Do?” How is this a problem? You hate being tied down and are totally seeing a few other people. Seems like a win-win to you.
D. Loudly confront him in a public place. Be sure to call him nasty. And a heathen.

2. Which best describes your long-term career goals?
A. Be the first (and youngest) woman to make partner at a prestigious law firm, or completely switch gears and open a tapas bar.
B. Marry well enough to retire from a thriving real estate business at 36.
C. Poet/documentarian/ambient musician/sociologist/adoption advocate.
D. Multimedia mogul and life coach with a show popular enough to single-handedly save OWN.

3. Which most closely resembles your worst breakup?
A. Take your pick. The sex addict? The married guy? The dude who fed me Ecstasy on a date?
B. My husband, who I found out was drowning in debt, left me and tried to get full custody of our kid.
C. I had to dump my celibate soul mate because I couldn’t swing celibacy.
D. My husband heard me talking about my almost-lover-turned-stalker, divorced me, and got engaged to Chenoa Maxwell, which… Ouch.

4. Would you date your best male friend?
A. Would and did.
B. I can’t be “best friends” with men.
C. Sure, as long as he knows it isn’t serious. At all. And never will be. Ever.
D. I married him. Then remarried him.

5. On a scale of prude to Playboy Playmate, where do you fall?
A. Prude. But in a lovable, semi-spontaneous kind of way.
B. Playmates are tacky. But they also marry ballers and moguls, so sign me up!
C. I’m so far to the left of this scale, Kinsey can’t even classify me.
D. I’m no prude, but y’all nasty.

6. Do you consider yourself grounded and centered?
A. Yes. I’ve spent thousands on therapists, Enya concerts, yoga classes, and “Eat, Pray, Love”-style travel to become so.
B. Yes. Everything revolves around me. You can’t get more centered than that.
C. My chakras tell me I’m totally attuned to the right balance.
D. Oh, hell, yes! No one’s more down to earth than I am.

7. How do you feel about emotional intimacy?
A. It’s the foundation of all enchanted love.
B. I’m all for it. Unless he’s broke. In which case: pass.
C. It’s paramount, as long as it doesn’t lead to the shackles of monogamy and lifelong commitment.
D. Did you know that if you’re “emotionally intimate” with someone other than your husband, it’s considered cheating?

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