Mitt Romney addressed members of the NAACP at this year’s convention in Houston. Although he first garnered tepid applause for what many pundits have called “doing the impossible” and going into the lion’s den, things quickly devolved when he began taking specific shots at President Obama’s health care plan.

After telling the crowd his policies would improves the lives of “people of color,” Romney drew thunderous boos when he said he would repeal Obamacare in order to eliminate nonessential programs from the budget.

While many have given Romney credit for speaking at the NAACP convention, something President Obama will not be doing this year, others took him to task for missing out on an opportunity to connect with black voters instead of simply towing the Republican Party line.

What we can take away from today’s shenanigans (other than the fact the NAACP convention also seems to come with its own church organist), is that many black voters are very skeptical of Mitt Romney.

Unlike the old school Republicans who worked alongside civil right’s leaders, current Republicans have allowed themselves to be pulled sharply to the right. Romney has himself moved from the center of the political spectrum and has rebranded himself as “severely conservative.” Although most believe the former governor’s new conservative stance is just a rouse to get votes, it’s one of the reasons voters aren’t so sure about who the real Mitt Romney is.

From not having a large, or even visible, contingent of blacks and Latinos on his campaign team, to coming off stiff and unable to relate to average voters, many are wondering if Americans will trust Romney enough to head to the polls and vote him into office this fall.

What do you think? Do you find Mitt Romney to be trustworthy? 

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  • MW

    Mittens doesn’t deserve the respect of anyone of color, anyone with a mother, anyone who had/will have to pay student loans. In earnest, he doesn’t deserve the respect of the demographic he represents. It’s no coincidence that he was pro-choice to win his seat and boost his political career and then on the national stage, turns coat depending on the audience.
    I’m a registered Republican and this man is a disgrace to the party. I find him absolutely revolting.

  • entro

    Mitt romney went on fox news soon after and said he expected to be booed and that he told the naacp that” if you want free stuff vote for the other guy”
    What mitt did was pre-meditated he knew that he would invoke that response and wanted a negative response so that he could say he stood up to blacks, all to appeal to the tea-party and his right wing base. His whole demeanor was insulting and he talked at the people instead of to them. This was the low, he knew what he was doing and pretty much said so in the interview with fox news.

    Before giving this man any credit please read an article in the Daily Beast.com
    What he did yesterday was an affront to us all and race-baiting language he used “free stuff” was low

  • Jai

    Why should I trust him? He won’t even release all his tax information yet we’re supposed to believe he’s not hiding anything, whatever!

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