Most ’90s babies remember MTV’s “House of Style” with fondness and a touch of nostalgia. The popular series covered fashion with interviews backstage at Fashion Week or behind-the-scenes before an awards show. The good news is the documentary-style show is being revived, with a run on MTV.com this fall before landing back on television.

To celebrate, MTV Style is streaming some of the more popular episodes online, and one such video follows Destiny’s Child as they get ready for their first MTV VMAs appearance in 2000.

The group had already been together for 10 years (wow!) at the time, and are more vocal and camera-friendly than usual. As writer Mary Choi points out, paparazzi and press scrutiny has made that level of candor and openness a rarity from superstars like Beyoncé, which makes their blast from the past all the more special.

In the video, the singers endearingly joke about not being able to breathe in their corsets and being “divas” when it comes to choosing their outfits. Enjoy the clip below:



It will be interesting to see how “House of Style” fares with today’s audiences when it comes back to the network.

Will you tune in, Clutchettes?


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  • Chris

    Ummmmmm… Did Beyonce get a nose job???? Her nose is pointy now… interesting.