A friend of mine sent me a YouTube video of a woman giving advice to other women imploring them to be more conscientious of the men they chose to date. And despite some good little tidbits, I couldn’t really get into it because of her language. Her vocabulary seemed to be limited mostly to expletives, as she was fervently trying to make her point about not sleeping and procreating with unworthy mates. And while the gist of her rant was valid — choosing wisely — I just couldn’t stomach her language.

As I get older, my tolerance for foolishness has dropped significantly. And I don’t know if it’s my mother’s aversion to cursing that’s taken up residence in my own head or if I’m just turning into a prude, but when things are too blue, I just can’t take it.

So, let’s talk about it, Clutchettes.

There are a million and one “gurus” and wannabe advice columnists on YouTube. Some offer wonderful commentary about the world, and others, well, they aren’t worth the camera time. But which do you prefer?

When it comes to advice, do you like it hardcore or with a little bit of a filter? Who are some of your favorites?

Speak on it! 

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