Over: 3-D Nails


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Daggers. Minx. Half-Moon. Shellac. There is no shortage of nail trends these days. Each sensation emerges, becomes increasingly popular, and then disappears, leaving us all itching for a new trend to take its place.

One of the more recent novelties is 3-D nails and the style has become ubiquitous in almost no time. Now, instead of choosing a fun color or design, nail enthusiasts can adorn their digits with pearls, bows, flowers, spikes, and more. Innovative, yes, but is it too much?

Something should be said for subtlety, and this look can easily hinge on excessive. With one generous piling of 3-D decorations, the once-novel trend can quickly become gaudy. And as my grandmother says, how do you function with those nails? When it comes to everyday tasks like typing, styling hair, driving, or washing dishes, won’t carrying a small load of embellishments on your nails impair the actual use of your fingers?

What are your thoughts on the 3-D nail trend? Is it more fashion than function? Is it innovative and unique, tacky and over-the-top, or a trend you enjoy seeing but wouldn’t try for yourself? Tell us, Clutchettes!

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