Over: Cut-Out Dresses

Body-con silhouettes. Mesh cut-outs. Skin-tight dresses. It seems now more than ever, fashion is embracing the raunchier side of sexy. Curvy shapes are finally being lauded in the mainstream, but with that change comes the desire to reveal as much skin as possible without actually being naked. Contemporary reality stars are trading in the looser silhouettes of yore for sheer panty-less catsuits and slinky cut-out dresses. Is it a cry for attention and body praise, or are we just all so free and comfortable in our skin that we want to celebrate it in our clothing choices?

It’s hard to say. On one hand, a woman’s curves are beautiful, and accentuating them is every woman’s privilege and right. It’s thrilling to work hard on your body and show off the spoils of your labor at the beach or a party. And most women want to be able to do so without feeling judged. In a way, it’s empowering not to allow societal pressures to control the way you express your sexuality.

At the same time, how sexy is too sexy?  The sight of some women in cut-outs in all the wrong places is off putting, to say the least, especially when they’re literally almost naked except for some strategically placed fabric. There has to be a line somewhere, but where do you draw it?

What’s your opinion, Clutchettes? Do you agree there is a line between revealing and racy? How would you define your own style of dress in those terms? Do you think cut-out dresses are too skimpy? Is it a trend you would try?

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  • Mr. Man

    Outside the confines of the home/bedroom? Its obscene and smutty, why would any self respecting women step into pubic view proudly dressed in the garb of a prostitute, grossly showing off what should be highly respected. All that ‘expressing sexuality’, ‘self empowerment’ talk is just an excuse used by the ignorant to justify their narcissism.

  • Humanista

    I generally hate side and stomach cut outs, no matter how “high end” the dress is; it just looks cheesy to me. I loooove back cut-outs though.

  • Tacky, the lot of them.

  • london

    Where can i get the dress on the left in the pic clucth

  • I like them. If you have the body to wear such styles and as long as the butt cheeks and cookie are covered, go for it!