With just days until this year’s Olympic games kicks off in London, many in the city are excited about the upcoming festivities, so much so that when the British Olympics Association (BOA) announced it had 400 press accreditation spots for the games, they received more than 3,000 requests. With those odds it seems like someone was bound to be left off of the list, but after the BOA snubbed Britain’s largest black newspaper, many were upset.

Zita Holbourne, co-founder of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, decided to take action. She organized a petition demanding the BOA allow The Voice access to the Olympic games. As the largest black news outlet in Britain, The Voice often covers stories left out of mainstream publications like The Guardian and The Mirror. And with so many black athletes poised to compete in popular events for both the British team and other countries, it’s only fitting that the largest black print outlet be present to cover it.

The fact that The Voice was denied access to the Olympic games after London used the idea of multiculturalism and inclusivity as one of the main reasons it should host the XXX Olympiad is extremely ironic.

The Change.org petition questions why The Voice was left without press credentials and demands the BOA allow the paper to cover the event.

Interestingly enough, after Holbourne’s launching of the petition just days ago, The Voice’s Olympic snub has been picked up by major publications like The Guardian and The Huffington Post UK, so perhaps this will prompt the BOA to reconsider its decision.

To find out more information or to sign the petition, go to Change.Org. 

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