The casting for the next season of “Power Rangers,” “Power Rangers Megaforce,” is bringing a not-so-secret Hollywood race issue to light. Sundai Love, an actress of color and hopeful for the cast, tweeted that she was rejected from the show because of her race:

This is one of the few times the black Hollywood quota has been spoken about on record, but the public has long been aware that casting agents choose one to two black actor(s) for their shows, if any at all. By filling the quota, said agents shield themselves from claims of racism or discrimination while robbing other talented actors of color from opportunities for which they are qualified.

Saban, the agency casting “Power Rangers Megaforce,” has come under fire before. During the first season of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” they chose a black actor to play the Black Ranger and an Asian actor to play the yellow one, angering fans and viewers. Since then, they have made some progress in hiring a diverse cast, though this most recent incident shows they have a long way to go.

It’s infuriating to think of all the talented actors of color in Hollywood who are “great” but passed over because only one black actor per show is deemed necessary. Most of those stories never make the news, and for that reason we applaud  Love for sharing her experience with the world. Only time will tell if the outrage it inspires will actually bring about change in Hollywood, an industry that has been engaging in discriminatory casting practices for far too long.


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