Summer is here and with warmer temperatures come skimpier clothing. Sheer is one of the more prominent trends of the season, with ladies stepping out in head-to-toe lace or sheer dresses with undergarments exposed underneath. Since this new fashion sensation can easily err on the provocative side, we’ve gone ahead and come up with a couple of rules for anyone who dare rocks transparent clothes. Check them below:

1. Never go bare underneath.

I get that the look is bold, attention-grabbing, and dangerous, but sheer outfits and no undergarments are just not the move. You run the risk of flashing everyone in your path, and we don’t have to tell you how embarrassing that is. Furthermore, the allure of sheer is in the tease. It’s the idea of covering up without covering at all that makes the trend special. Putting it all out there totally ruins the moment and ends up looking more trashy than trendy.

2. Choose undergarments in the right color.

When it comes to picking undergarments, the key is to avoid loud colors that compete with your sheer outfit. As a rule, black is a go-to hue for a look that covers you up without competing. But for bright hues like Solange Knowles’ green Dolce & Gabbana dress in Milan, neutral hues are perfect to complement your look.

3. If you’re going to show your undergarments, at least make sure they’re presentable.

Ladies, if you’re going to show off your lingerie, let it be fabulous! The biggest faux pas we see with sheer pieces is the wrong style of undergarment. Take Jessica White’s white panties above, for instance. It’s clear an outfit can be ruined if you don’t choose the proper lingerie underneath.

Shapes like boy shorts and “granny” panties don’t work under a sexy lace dress. High-cut (different from high-waist) briefs are significantly better. Bodysuits and shapers are also stylish options for sheer lovers and they ensure a smooth finish. For a sheer top, if you want a feminine look, go for a dainty lace bra that is pretty enough to stand on its own. To keep the attention on the blouse, go for a black bandeau or cropped top underneath.

Would you dare wear the sheer trend, Clutchettes? What are some rules women should follow to rock it?

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  • Kay

    When it comes to fashion, I’m a bit on the conservative side, so this new trend is not for me. Overall, it’s defnitely an interesting one that seems kind of difficult for the majority of the population to pull off. How would you all suggest the more full-figured woman pull off this look? Also, what tips do you have for those whose physique isn’t in tip top condition?

    • Nesheaholic

      For a full figured woman, which I consider myself, I would say try for just sheer tops, rather than dresses to see how comfortable you are, and start with a cami underneath and progress to crop top or bandeau top depending on your comfortability.

  • Nesheaholic

    I love the sheer trend. On my recent shopping trip I picked up to sheer tops that I intend to wear with a high waisted skirt and bandeau top so there isn’t TOO much of my skin showing, but still enough.

  • Mark

    I love black women in cotton granny panties, my favorite thing in the whole world.