An ignorant statement from a cast member of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”? Surprise, surprise. In an attempt to show support for singer Frank Ocean, who recently revealed his bisexuality, rapper Lil Scrappy has managed to incite public outrage and reveal just how uneducated folks are about the AIDS epidemic. In a phone interview with TMZ, he said:

“I’m glad that he came out. So that all the real women, who love to mess with real men, ya know, the straight men, we can keep the AIDS situation down.” [He] continued, “[homosexuality] is a doorway to AIDS, scientifically.”

It’s hard to believe that in 2012, a grown man really believes the gay population is to be blamed for that “AIDS situation,” plaguing “real women” and “real men.”

Scrappy later went on Twitter to clarify his comments, saying “That’s not the only way to get HIV.”

While you can’t expect much from someone who threatens to “put their paws on” an adult on national TV, it’s disheartening to see public figures perpetuate damaging stereotypes about the LGBT community. Comments like Scrappy’s (and the wave of support he’s getting from Twitter fans) make Frank Ocean’s admission all the more brave.

What do you make of Lil Scrappy’s comments? Does he have a point about the spread of AIDS among down low brothers, or was his comment completely ignorant and offensive? Discuss.

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