Clutchettes, we know you’re a special bunch. From your witty comments to your awesome intelligence, we know our readers are second to none. Like our mission, you are the embodiment of sexy, stylish, and oh, so savvy women. And while we recognize your collective dopeness behind the scenes, we sometimes don’t get a chance to get a glimpse of what makes you so individually great.

Ladies, I know how it is. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to make our paychecks stretch, turning our side hustles into full-time gigs, raising families, or trying to walk the stage, we sometimes forget to reflect on exactly what makes us so damn great.

So here’s your chance to toot your own horn.

Leave a comment and tell us what makes you, dear reader, so dope. Did you ace your classes last semester? Did you marry the love of your life? Did you open your own business? Did you finally take that trip you’ve been dreaming about?

Whatever it is, share it so your fellow Clutchettes can toast your accomplishments while getting a shot of must-needed inspiration.  

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  • I feel great! Graduated from Penn State University last year as as I look at my goals list I made last summer just about everything I set out to accomplish is almost completed. Applied to Law, Working on Wall Street and still manage to do what I love which is write. Finally launched my own blog/website which features everything that I love and Im just in awe at what I am capable of. Finally having the financial capabilities to take week long vacations with my friends and enjoy life is what I always dreamed of and now it is a reality…totally CLUTCH!