Ever since TV One featured Taj and Eddie George among the first of their reality show stars in a limited-run series unfortunately titled “I Married a Baller,” the ’90s R&B chanteuse and former NFL star have been one of my favorite celebrity couples. Taj, of SWV fame, and Eddie have been married for 13 years, something of a feat for a couple who lives under public scrutiny. The two have three sons and several career pursuits to manage (SWV recently reunited and George tested his acting chops in the challenging role of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar), and somehow, they always seem to rise to the occasion, even with the added pressure of trying to keep scandal at bay.

A few months back, George found himself in a sticky situation when paparazzi snapped shots of him in the passenger seat of 21-year-old pro golfer Rachel Connor’s car. Connor was arrested on a DUI (George was sober), and the incident set tongues wagging and tabloids speculating about what he was doing in the young woman’s car at 2 a.m. George decided to address the situation in a press release, careful to mention that his wife helped him reach that decision. His explanation: They were in a celebrity golf tournament earlier, she’d offered him a ride back to his hotel, and he didn’t know her driving was impaired.

Though speculation continued, especially since the incident coincided with the couple’s new relationship book Married for Real: Building a Loving, Powerful Life Together, it didn’t seem to have much effect on Taj and Eddie’s relationship. Perhaps this is owing in part to their troublesome upbringings. As their book details, Taj’s childhood was rocked by molestation and abuse, while Eddie’s parents’ divorce resulted in him seeing neither parent very often, as his father battled addiction and his mother traveled frequently for her job. They work so hard at maintaining a healthy marriage because they both value the stability such a marriage provides the family.

Whether you’re married or not, Married for Real is an endearing read. Its tips on finances, romance, and communication in relationships are good ones, and the insights Taj and Eddie provide regarding their personal lives and their marriage are candid and heartfelt. In a time when a ton of celebrities are fancying themselves self-proclaimed relationship experts, it’s refreshing to read a book co-written by a couple that is honest about their failings, resists the “expert” title, and really seems to want to work through their challenges as a team.

Who’s your favorite celebrity couple? If they co-authored a relationship book, would you read it? 


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  • Tammy M.

    I have had the pleasure of reading this book and I thought it was wonderful. It is a quick and insightful read, not preachy. It just speaks on how their marriage has worked, the ups and downs, and how their prior relationships prepared them for their future together.
    It outlines short helpful tips after each chapter and then asks the reader to use their own romantic life to design their relationships future.

    I really respect what Eddie and Taj had to get through to stay together. True Love is beautiful.

    Sidenote: I just don’t buy the blogs and gossip about what appeared to be an innocent drop off, any wrongdoing denied by both parties in invovled. Just posting because already prepared for the bitter broads bridage comments on infidelity.