It’s no secret: Technology has taken over our lives. While resisting it seems futile, there are a multitude of ways to put technology to work for us. Even if you aren’t plugged in to any of the popular social networks, when customized to your liking, technology not only makes our lives easier, but it can also help us improve our health as well.

Like Tami, I’m a tech addict. I love gadgets, gizmos, and apps that help me streamline my life. And because I’m always looking out for you, Clutchettes, I’m going to share a few of my favorites that will help keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise!


Looking to overhaul your workout plan or curb your unhealthy eating? There’s an app for that! From MyFitnessPal, which helps you track your calories and exercise for each day, to MotoACTV, a GPS program that combines a music player that also tracks the miles you log in while you run, there are a host of tools to fit your needs. While I’ve been using my smartphone (a Motorola RAZR) to keep me on track, one other gadget I have my eye on is the Fitbit Ultra, which is like an ultra fancy pedometer. The Fitbit not only tracks your steps, but it also counts the calories your burn, how many miles you’ve walked throughout the day, and how hard your heart is working when you hit the stairs to get to work. Want to get fancy? Check out Verizon’s slew of smart accessories.


Saving money isn’t always easy, but if you’ve got a smart phone (or Internet access), you can help your money grow a little bit quicker. Sites like Mint.com allow you to track your expenses and see exactly where your money goes, and Manilla that helps you organize all of your bills. And if you love to shop, apps like RedLaser and  Coupon Sherpa help you save money while you hit the stores.


eReaders and tablets are a good way to ease into the gadget market. With devices spread across various price points, finding one to fit your needs should be fairly simple.

When I was gearing up to go to the Bahamas back in May, the good folks over at Verizon let me test an iPad. While I’ve eyed the iPad for some time, I never plunked down the cash because I felt it was redundant. I have a laptop and a smart phone, so what would I need an iPad for? I was wrong. On my trip, I didn’t want to carry my (expensive) laptop along, but I still needed to work. So I took the iPad and cranked out articles, took great photos (I didn’t use my camera once), recorded video, and kept up with my blog and books. I loved it. When I got home, my son enjoyed playing educational games and watching cartoons using the Netflix app. It was definitely a welcome addition to my gadget family. Now, if I could only get my hands on an Android tablet to test. Hmm …

What are your favorite gadgets and apps to keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise? 

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