Clutchettes, we don’t have to tell you that wearing makeup and dealing with adult acne is not for the faint of heart. If you find yourself in this position, my first bit of advice is to consult with a dermatologist about the health of your skin and what products he or she recommends before visiting your local cosmetics counter. If you’ve already taken this step and have conducted the necessary research to start shopping around, here’s a list of four things to consider.

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  • Loquacious

    Bare Escentuals is great and actually helps my skin.

    • i don’t usually wear makeup at school, but whenever I travel back home (to Nigeria), I always wear Bare Escentuals. The combination of that and less stress heals my skin.

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  • ruggie

    Don’t forget keeping makeup utensils clean! Change makeup sponges often, use compacts that allow for separate storage of sponge, disinfect brushes often. Sephora makes a daily brush cleaning spray. These steps keep us from putting acne-causing bacteria onto our skin.

  • Jessica

    I’ve been using an Acne Clarifying Treatment from Apothederm and it has been working wonders on my adult acne!

  • Linda Francis

    The best way to control acbe UNDER makeup is to use the Citrus Clear Grapefruit Spot Treatment – it works GREAT under makeup. This is a great product for layering under other products. Not only does the ph make the 2% salicylic acid effective (and it is a pore clearing agent and is great for sensitive skin) but it contains green tea. The gel formulation means that it can be spread easily – I don’t like liquid formulations. And the price is right!