Who remembers the Sweet Valley twins? Francine Pascal’s fictional Southern Californian sisters Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield were everything when I was in middle and high school. The books were super-quick reads and it seemed like a new one was always dropping, with new scandals, new angst, and new rivalries. More than other prolific book series, the Sweet Valley books had that rare quality of making you feel like the characters were growing up in tandem with you. The middle school books gave way to the high school books, and there was even an extensive series that followed the girls’ college careers.

Of course, by the time I was college-aged, I’d long left the Sweet Valley twins behind (I devoured most of their university books in ninth grade, believing they’d give me some insight about what to expect in college). But last year, when Pascal returned, boasting a new novel where the Wakefield twins were in their late twenties, my nostalgia nerve started to tingle. I devoured Sweet Valley Confidential in a day. Though it seemed rushed and poorly written, I couldn’t suppress my glee as I found out what the Sweet Valley community had been up to all these years. Just like old times, Pascal managed to pull the hat trick of making readers feel that, in the intricate fictional universe she’d created, her characters had been aging alongside us.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who bought into the nostalgia Sweet Valley Confidential evoked. The one-off novel did so well that Pascal responded to fans’ pleas and wrote a few more books. According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Shelf Life blog:

On July 15, St. Martin’s Press will launch The Sweet Life, a six-part series for e-readers that picks up three years after Confidential left off. And you won’t have to wait long for each new installment — the first two books debut July 15, with a new novella ($1.99 each) following every Sunday through August 12.

The new series picks up three years after Sweet Valley Confidential, making the Wakefield twins 30. As usual, Pascal’s timing is perfect. The entire series run will occur before summer ends, and since this is the best time of year for such fast, fluffy chick lit reading, she’s sure to procure a record number of downloads.

Were you a fan of the Sweet Valley High books growing up? Which of your favorite teen book series would you love to return, with adult characters? Will you read Pascal’s latest books?


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  • I was a HUGE fan of the Sweet Valley Twins. I spent an en.ti.re summer reading those books. I miss those girls and often thought of them throughout the years.To think I get a peak into their adult lives excites me!

    I was also into R.L Stine.

  • Awww this has made me miss my childhood days in Cape Coast, Ghana. My cousin and i grew up with this book. I was Elizabeth and she, Jessica.Definitely going to buy the new series.

  • Actually Sweet Valley High Confidential was pretty good. The characters were having sex and cursing! Jessica and Todd were engaged and Elizabeth was mad as hell! I am forty one and the Sweet Valley High series came out in 1983 and I used to go to the book every month to get the new one. I feel old as dummy dirt.

    • Ika41

      I am 41 too, and I read the whole SVH series like clockwork. I made sure to have enough allowance money to buy the newest book each month! So excited to get back into the twins lives!

  • simplyme

    Wow! A wave of nostalgia just slapped me in the face. I loved these books…reminds me of our library trips growing up. I would always pick these out and my brother would get Animorphs (so gender conformist). I read the high school books in middle school though and left off there.

    There was actually a short lived tv show too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhXOVQprYxk One the twins went on to act in The Game.

  • i wanna see the babysitters club all grown up with kids and lovers.