These days nearly every city in the country has experienced insanely hot temperatures. And let’s not forget the dozens of Facebook invites you receive to the “official white party” of the summer (thanks, Diddy). So why not cool down your wardrobe with a crisp, all-white ensemble?

Pulling off a sleek, all-white look can be challenging, but not impossible. During the day when temperatures are at their highest, opt for loose-fitting, breathable material. Go for a simple tank, jeans, or embellished dress (lace, sharp shoulders, draping, etc.) for a night out.

Afraid of being too matchy-matchy? A pop of color on the lips is always an added bonus. And if you’re wondering what color jewels look best? We totally love the way turquoise compliments the skin and the look itself. Just promise us that you’ll wear the appropriate color undergarments. You know: nude or black.

Check out how some of your favorite style stars don all-white looks:

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