I doubt Russell Edgington will survive this season of “True Blood.” When we eulogize him, recalling his greatest moments, sidling up to a young Southern flower singing Debbie Boone’s classic “You Light Up My Life” has got to be in the top three. It was no “We will eat your children,”  but no Truebie will ever forget it, for sure. No big, bad could ever be bigger or badder. As reviewer Carrie Raisler said in her recap on AV Club, “One thing is for sure, if Russell had shown up a few episodes earlier the Authority storyline might not have seemed like such a drag.” Indeed.

As well as Russell being in top form, we learned the Salome is indeed his accomplice. And I’m as confused as ever about the whole, complicated Authority/Sanguinista mess. It seems Salome’s goal is to resurrect Lilith through an unholy communion involving the consumption of her ancient blood, which results in senior Authority members, including Bill, Eric, and Steve Newlin, tripping the night away like good debauched visitors to the French Quarter; the aforementioned Boone duet; and appearances by Obi-Wan- Godric and nekkid Lilith. Kudos to “True Blood” for being gutsy enough to show our titular heroes massacring a room full of humans. Will viewers still view them as two of the “good ones” now?

I continue to have not two fucks to give about the Terry Bellefleur ifrit plotline. Note: Kudos to Holly for being the voice of reason. Arlene has met vampires and shifters, maenads and ghosts. Why would it be hard to believe that a smoke monster is stalking her husband? But one of the pleasures of last night’s show was seeing Arlene watch a video of her wedding to the troubled Terry. Seeing the citizens of Bon Temps offering well wishes to the couple reminded me of what once made “True Blood” so enjoyable. The show’s cast has tremendous chemistry. I believed, early on, that these people were family and friends and colleagues that care about each other. While the show has been juggling disparate plots for its large cast, lost is any connection they had to each other and to us.

Multiple storylines are heating up, but because we have spent so little time with each, it’s hard to be invested. A creepy visit to Jesus’ uncle Don Bartolo earned Lafayette the information that Jesus passed some sort of brujo family power to him. Looks like Hoyt Fortenberry is trading his guyliner for a gun and joining a hate group, the same one that tried to off Sam and Luna last week. Methinks they’ll be gunning for Jessica next, yes? Meanwhile, Sam and Andy Bellefleur have teamed to bring the anti-supe group down. Sam in canine mode, rolling on the floor and sniffing everything, was one of the funniest things we’ve seen this season. More of this please.

Jessica has some healing to do, since Jason busted a cap in her noggin’ for taking a bite out of him. But Vampire Tara has a bigger hole to mend — the one in her heart. Mama Thornton showed up at Fangtasia to disown Tara, not for working the pole like a champ (though I wouldn’t doubt the Rev.’s wife ain’t too keen on that), but because Tara is a different sort of creature of the night. I’m guessing no one wants blood brownies next to the greens at the annual church potluck. It seems, though, that despite a rocky start, Pam may eventually take on a true maternal role with her progeny.

Is it possible to recap “True Blood” without mentioning Sookie Stackhouse? Though Sookie 2.0 — the jaded version — is growing on me, I’ve always thought the fairy business was one of the weaker elements of both “True Blood” and the book series that inspired it. Sookie is trying to use up her fairy gift, a move I’m 100 percent sure she’ll regret in the near future.

Your thoughts on last night’s episode?


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