Yes, there is a fashion line lovingly created in Nelson Mandela’s honor. The brand is named after the lauded political figure’s prisoner number on Robben Island, 466/64, and is now available on an e-commerce website. It launched in South Africa in 2011 and debuted in North America on Mandela’s birthday, July 18, 2012. The latest collection is comprised of vibrant-hued pants, swingy printed dresses, gingham button-down shirts, and more. While the design philosophy is appealing enough, what’s most endearing about the collection is its commitment to Mandela’s legacy and South Africa as a whole. Sixty percent of the line is manufactured in South Africa, and approximately 9 percent of its sales are given to the 466/64 Foundation.

Click through to see more pictures of the line, Clutchettes!

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  • omfg

    the halter dress is nice. the other two look a bit homely.

  • Jess

    to say that the line is manufactured in south africa doesn’t tell me if it’sowned by BLACK South Africans. Cuz if whites founded and own it, then you’re just helping to make rich the very same people who gave mandela that number in the first place! need to know more about this line before i support it at all.